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How did you guys become a part of the Starry Nites lineup? The circle of friendship. We love Santa Barbara, and when we saw the lineup, we were blown away. She Wants Revenge played early on at a radio festival at the Bowl, and we’ve played at SOhO. One Love x”Frontman Liam Fray paid tribute to the city in an emotional post shared on his own Twitter account earlier today.He wrote: “Togetherness, community and spirit course through the veins and flood the streets of this city.”I see it every day since I’ve been old enough to realise what compassion and empathy are.”Last night we witnessed it at a level we thought we’d never have to. In tragic circumstances, Manchester stood together. Because that’s what we do.”Homes offered, rides home given, an outpouring of liveGrief shared.”This will hurt.

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