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canada goose clearance Quotas also seek to influence the makeup of the candidate lists that the parties offer voters.Thus, as a mechanism, it does not resolve a number of other problems that have to do with the quality of politics and with what the parties offer citizens, nor does it guarantee that certain issues are going to be on the agenda.What is true, and this is shown by the evidence, is that the more women there are in decision making spheres Cheap Canada Goose, the more likely it is that questions of gender inequality will be addressed and tackled. There is more debate and legislation on certain issues, but that is not the same thing as saying that quotas fix the problem of representation of women interests.I believe that quotas help, and are necessary but not sufficient.IPS: What obstacles do women politicians face in performing their representative function? MR: Once they are in positions of power, women continue to face discrimination with respect to their male peers. In many countries, because they are very few in number, they tend to be relegated to questions that have traditionally been identified as women issues.So women lawmakers often have difficulties in getting on committees like defence or the economy, or in attaining positions of influence within the parliamentary structures. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online AND CONS OF PRIVATIZATIONNusz believes eliminating Energy Star altogether would be problematic, though he believes the program could be privatized.private industry, we know we can be lean, mean, and competitive, Nusz said. Competition forces people to really look for efficiency, and that is not the nature of the federal government. So, it can probably be done more efficiently in the private sector. Canada Goose online

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