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And BlueCross BlueShield on Friday extended their enrollment deadlines for coverage effective Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Feb. 24and again on March 17 at the Pershing Pub. The event will feature free snacks, drink specials and a chance to socialize after work.

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Replica Purse “The concept is similar to what Michigania had before they closed,” said Audrey Tipper, Lansing City Market manager. “The products I’ve seen are really cool, including a birdhouse made in the shape of a lighthouse.”River Town Cafewill feature fresh Hermes Replica, roasted coffee in a variety of flavors from The Coffee Barrel in Holt, as well as espresso, cappuccinoand lattes.A small selection of food items Fake Hermes Bags, includingmuffins, granola bars goodhandbagsforsale.com, bagels andfudge will be available. The cafewill feature items from Glory Bee Sweet Treats in Masonanddonuts from Glazed and Confused bakery.LANSING STATE JOURNALFrom the Archives: Lansing City MarketSomething else brand new to the market, Tipper says, is fresh produce, from green beans to lettuce to peppers,five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday.”Weare really working hard to revitalize the market and new vendors is a large piece of that,” Tipper said.”We want to expandwhat we are doingfor events Replica Purse.