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1:51 fourth quarter: Pittsburgh quarterback Nate Peterman took the North on an 84 yard touchdown drive, hitting East Carolina wide receiver Zay Jones with a fourth down pass from 6 yards out with 1:51 left in the game to cut the South’s lead to 16 15. The North went for 2 instead of settling for a tie, and Chattanooga defensive end Keionta Davis ruined the play for the North by chasing Peterman deep into the backfield. The Pitt QB threw the ball up for grabs into a crowd in the end zone, and it went incomplete, keeping the South up by one point..

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Rita Wooliver has touched the lives of so many. Her grace, flair for the dramatic and passion for life endeared her to all. Rita is survived by two sisters, many nieces and nephews including Kathy Scherb, Patricia Gradziel and John Lewis and countless friends.

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