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canada goose store Puri earned a remuneration of Rs 9.7 crore for FY16 while Sharma earned Rs 5.5 crore during the year. Kochhar’spay was significantly lower at Rs 4.79 crore in FY16, according to the bank’s annual report.Without the bonus and other variables www.gooseyou.com, Kochhar’s basic salary increased by 15 percent to Rs 2.67 crore in FY17 as against Rs 2.32 crore for FY16.The hike in the total remuneration in FY17 was primarilydriven by the performance bonus which the ICICI Bank CEO and the entire senior management had forgone a year agoowing to the bank’s weak financial results.ICICI Bank had posted ones of its worst quarterly performance in the decade with a net profit drop of 87 percent for the March quarter in FY16. After forgoing the bonus in FY16, the senior management got a total performance bonus of Rs 7.55 crore in FY17.The percentage increase in the median remuneration of all employees in the FY17 was around 12 percent canada goose store.